Weekly Links 12/1

It’s beginning to look a lot like...

Happy December!

The year is almost over, and in the bay at least, it’s rainy with a chill temperature. Friends in Portland report snow! I hope if you had any time off you were able to enjoy some delicious food. My dinner had an entire Jamón.

Before we kick off, I wanted to highlight another newsletter from which this lovely set of drawings originated. These newsletters are written and delivered on the same day, mere miles away. The East Bay is quite the hotbed of email these days.

And now, the last month of links in 2019 begins:

  • I love this throwback portfolio site! Truly magnificent and heartwarming if you remember when the web looked just like that. Has there ever been something so widespread that can induce nostalgia so quickly as the internet? If you know of something, let me know.

  • On unbundling and the reason we should perhaps let seemingly useless fences stand.

  • Speaking of bundles, I wrote my annual home screen rundown over at my homepage. This post may only appeal to one or two of you, but I think it’s fun to look back over the years and see what apps and things were occupying my mind.

  • This week I tore through a book that was an absolute delight: The Starless Sea. Gay love! Adventure! Literary intrigue! I bet he’s already read it, but this book felt very Robin Sloan-y. Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy.

  • As the year wears down, so too do my socks. I had previously invested in internet socks that are now quite holey, but now attempt a return to the good wool. In my youth I was always sad to find socks under the tree (consistently from my Papa), but as I get older, a good sock is a treat!

  • One final treat I just learned about after bringing up Tofu-yo at dinner is Chinese fermented tofu. It’s a delicious, cheese-like chili tofu paste that you can eat with alcohol or use to flavor cooking. It rules.

Now that you’ve got comfy socks, a full belly, and a book to keep you company, I return you to your lazy Sunday and hope you stay warm and hopeful!

As always, B.