August 18th Weekly Links

Japanese radio, DND, and being mean.

Another week passed right along—do you feel like the year is accelerating? I spent the day yesterday at a Bridal shower, and wow those things are a bit strange. It was my first one, and it was super charming to see how much my friend G got to talk about her love and life in front of supportive women.

Without further ado, the links!

  • This week I was joking with a friend about how to use the radiotelegraphic alphabet, and then wondered, “what’s it like in Japan?”. Then, I turned to Wikipedia and found out. If you ever need to spell out letters over the phone in Japan, you’re all set now.

  • If you’re at all like me, you probably use the do not disturb feature of your phone at night to keep emails and Slack messages from making a relaxing night into a stressful one. Matt has a few issues with how the feature works right now.

  • This is a question I’ve often asked myself: “Why are we (queer folks) so mean to each other?” I don’t agree with everything in this, but it was an interesting read nevertheless.

  • I love this cat tail font. Make sure to use it in all of your business presentations.

  • Finally, as summer winds down, here’s a list of books for the last gasps of the season. These are the unloved, unread books from a single library. If you want to be really cool, what better way is there than to be the only one of your friends to read Novelty on Earth.

    Ok, two more weeks to go until September! Make the most of it~

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