Weekly Links 12/15

Much Yule was had

Seasons greetings! Yule is upon us, and also the shortest day of the year! It’s very nearly time to begin the long journey to summer. Last night I went to a yule festival, and we burned a Feuerzangenbowle. It ruled. We also burned a goat effigy. However you celebrate or don’t, I hope you look at the sky for a while and have a good long think.

Here’re some topics for you to consider:

  • The lord of contemporaneous, “well shit, that’s us” sci-fi, William Gibson, was interviewed by The New Yorker. It’s a little longer than many of my links, but is well-worth reading. I can’t wait for Agency to drop next month.

  • This app is not too far off from the graffiti AR from Spook Country. Seriously wild how we can augment the world now. If anyone ever figures out how to make wearable displays not A) Huge or B) Dorky-AF we’ll be in a whole new world.

  • While you’re digging through the internet, you probably hit some meme pockets. These are the memes that defined our decade, minus a few that I found personally delightful.

  • These men were too online… and also wannabe hitmen. Yikes.

  • You might be nodding off at this point, lagging with a distinct lack of bean juice. Well friend, I have just the bean juice for you! It even comes with a zine. Shout out to my coolboss™ for telling me “the Tonx guy has new coffee”.

  • Now that you’ve made it to the end, you deserve a delightful glass of wine. This article from fellow Texan Rachel Monroe does a great job of discussing the wine du jour, natural wine, which also happens to. encompass my favorite glasses. On a given weekend you might find me at one of the many natural wine purveyors around the bay with friends, quaffing an orange wine.

Thanks for reading this year! There will be a few more editions before the roaring 20’s start. I might even do a best-of list of my own… we’ll see!

May your cup never run dry~

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