Weekly Links for October 14th

A day late, but not a dollar short

Hey folks! Sorry for getting this out on Monday instead of the usual Sunday. I was mostly flying and napping yesterday after a very fun and successful gala Saturday night with friends:

It turns out trying to outbid senators for dinner is pretty exciting stuff.

But now, the links!

  • Remember VANTABLACK? Well, now there’s a blacker black so new it doesn’t even have a name. I love this race to make the darkest color possible with my entire heart.

  • A few of the links today will be somewhat literary, but none will be funnier than Patricia Lockwood’s delightful review of Updike. Like many, I haven’t read Updike, and now I probably never will… though some of the pull quotes make him sound utterly bonkers.

  • This one is long, be warned. You might want to save it for a cup of coffee and a lounge-y evening, but it’s a great treatise on publishing from a newsletter I quite enjoy by Craig Mod.

  • Finally, from another newsletter, Anne Helen talks about how we can take on minor inconvenience in order to make the world a bit better. Our current pricing models for so many things are totally unsustainable, and the result of a wild class and income disparity. I hope we can fix things.

I hope your week is great, and if the above photo inspired you, have a few glasses of wine and donate to Basic Rights Oregon to recreate most of my Saturday. We’re midway through October, and the spooky times are just around the corner.

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