Weekly Links 12/8

All the leaves are brown & the sky is grey

The end of the year is right around the corner, and the leaves in my neighborhood know it! An industrious man with a huge leaf blower valiantly fought against the leaf-strewn sidewalk last week, and yet here we are:

These are the leaves that get slick really fast, and ultimately led to my worst bike accident a few years ago. Be careful out there friends! This week I’ve got food links, book recommendations, and a few other surprises:

  • Gobo! I’m so jazzed about gobo this fall. It looks like a very, very long brown carrot, and has a delightful woody taste. I put it in tonjiru, which I’ve made quite a bit recently as it helps warm the spirit while filling you up on a cold rainy day.

  • Now that you’re warm, you can brave the cold and fearful land of a Tumblr without porn. When SESTA/FOSTA passed (pause for boos and hisses), Tumblr decided to unceremoniously kick off all “female-presenting nipples” and other sundry titillation. Automattic later bought the whole shebang for a tiny amount of cash, and it still limps along as a crap version of Wattpad, I guess.

  • If these links didn’t tickle your fancy, prepare to get lost in a sea of cooler ones. That’s right! A decade of dope stuff. I really enjoyed this list, and had forgotten quite a few things on it.

  • While the previous link is a little maximalist, this one is all about restraint, and just enough internet.

  • Finally, I leave you a list of novels to peruse while you sip your glögg this winter. I’ve only read four of the twenty, but they were quite good, so perhaps this list has legs.

Again another week has closed, and another begun. I hope you have a fantastic one, filled with food, and merriment, you bon vivant. As it gets chillier in the northern hemisphere, I particularly enjoy how cuddly my cat gets—who needs a heated blanket when you have this guy:

Until next time, space cowgirls~

Weekly Links 12/1

It’s beginning to look a lot like...

Happy December!

The year is almost over, and in the bay at least, it’s rainy with a chill temperature. Friends in Portland report snow! I hope if you had any time off you were able to enjoy some delicious food. My dinner had an entire Jamón.

Before we kick off, I wanted to highlight another newsletter from which this lovely set of drawings originated. These newsletters are written and delivered on the same day, mere miles away. The East Bay is quite the hotbed of email these days.

And now, the last month of links in 2019 begins:

  • I love this throwback portfolio site! Truly magnificent and heartwarming if you remember when the web looked just like that. Has there ever been something so widespread that can induce nostalgia so quickly as the internet? If you know of something, let me know.

  • On unbundling and the reason we should perhaps let seemingly useless fences stand.

  • Speaking of bundles, I wrote my annual home screen rundown over at my homepage. This post may only appeal to one or two of you, but I think it’s fun to look back over the years and see what apps and things were occupying my mind.

  • This week I tore through a book that was an absolute delight: The Starless Sea. Gay love! Adventure! Literary intrigue! I bet he’s already read it, but this book felt very Robin Sloan-y. Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy.

  • As the year wears down, so too do my socks. I had previously invested in internet socks that are now quite holey, but now attempt a return to the good wool. In my youth I was always sad to find socks under the tree (consistently from my Papa), but as I get older, a good sock is a treat!

  • One final treat I just learned about after bringing up Tofu-yo at dinner is Chinese fermented tofu. It’s a delicious, cheese-like chili tofu paste that you can eat with alcohol or use to flavor cooking. It rules.

Now that you’ve got comfy socks, a full belly, and a book to keep you company, I return you to your lazy Sunday and hope you stay warm and hopeful!

As always, B.

Weekly Link(s) for November 24th

It’s been a long one.

Hot on the heels from my flight to Japan, I spent two days at the boomtown known as Dreamforce. Also, after joking about starting my own conference called Dreamhorse, I realized someone beat me to the punch . (On the note of horses: If you don’t eat meat, don’t click this link about 桜肉, a rare treat that I enjoyed, albeit with a slight trepidation, while in Japan.)

Because of the busyness of this week, I didn’t have much time to peruse the archives and stacks of the interweb, but I bring you a few choice morsels:

  • This is a long-read, but also a delight from Robin Sloan entitled “The Sleep Consultant”.

  • If you haven’t read Paper Girls but you like feminism and time travel, you might enjoy it.

  • In the same vein, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying Annalee Newitz new book, which is a wild romp through history. I hope this becomes a long tv show too. I want to swim around in this world for a lot longer than a few hundred pages.

  • While you’re traveling through time, you might need some robust trousers. No worries, I’ve got you covered! I’ve been wearing the callistos all week, and they rule.

Ok, I guess I had more links in the hopper than I expected. Have a great week and remember that most of us are living on stolen land, in particular I live on the land of the Ohlone people.

Back in the US(S)A

Weekly links for November 17th

Hi folks, it’s been a minute! Japan was outstanding, and I’m a little sad to be back. Here’s a picture of a weird arcade:

I went to あなたのWarehouse on the recommendation of a few friends (thanks Laura and Joe), and it was well worth the hour round-trip train trip. Super weird and lovely.

I also read some internet sites, and so now I will share them with you:

  • There’s too many choices! Seriously, go to Amazon dot com and search for “usb-c cable”. It’s overwhelming.

  • If you’ve met me you know I have a thing for highly functional black clothing, so the fact that I enjoyed this interview with the founder of Acrnm shouldn’t surprise you.

  • ‘Tis the season for SAD, but maybe it doesn’t need to be? I’m planning to get real cozy and make a lot of glögg.

  • While you’re warming yourself near the metaphorical or literal Yule log, read about the difference between access and ownership. Personally, I’ve quite enjoyed writing plain text files for a while that are hyper portable, whether online or offline. This email platform is an unfortunate exception.

That’s it for now! Back to hanging out with this guy:

see you next week, space cowgirls.

Weekly Japan Links 2

Still in Japan, still logged all the way on

皆さん今晩は!私はSlackのブルックと申します。I’ve said some variance of that phrase quite a bit this week. It’s been a fun trip, and I’m really enjoying the weird feeling of pseudo living here. I also deeply miss Snorri. It’s really a shame he can’t just always travel with me.

Let’s get to the links!

  • なめ猫! Thanks to Kaz and Tomomi for telling me about this frankly amazing Japanese meme from the Showa era. Bless these kitties.

  • Oddly, I never made my way to Shinsekai on this trip, but it’s a strange area of Osaka that never really caught up with the times—trapped forever in a glorious dream of an unrecognized future.

  • Since I’m traveling, I wanted to share a post that shares my own ethos on traveling. Don’t @ me.

  • Old, but delightful parody of NPR from the Merlin Mann.

  • I really and truly hope that one day we’ll join the world in using Celsius and the metric system. Truly.

  • Finally, I leave you with an interview with my favorite hot sauce-related interviewer.

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