Weekly Links for October 14th

A day late, but not a dollar short

Hey folks! Sorry for getting this out on Monday instead of the usual Sunday. I was mostly flying and napping yesterday after a very fun and successful gala Saturday night with friends:

It turns out trying to outbid senators for dinner is pretty exciting stuff.

But now, the links!

  • Remember VANTABLACK? Well, now there’s a blacker black so new it doesn’t even have a name. I love this race to make the darkest color possible with my entire heart.

  • A few of the links today will be somewhat literary, but none will be funnier than Patricia Lockwood’s delightful review of Updike. Like many, I haven’t read Updike, and now I probably never will… though some of the pull quotes make him sound utterly bonkers.

  • This one is long, be warned. You might want to save it for a cup of coffee and a lounge-y evening, but it’s a great treatise on publishing from a newsletter I quite enjoy by Craig Mod.

  • Finally, from another newsletter, Anne Helen talks about how we can take on minor inconvenience in order to make the world a bit better. Our current pricing models for so many things are totally unsustainable, and the result of a wild class and income disparity. I hope we can fix things.

I hope your week is great, and if the above photo inspired you, have a few glasses of wine and donate to Basic Rights Oregon to recreate most of my Saturday. We’re midway through October, and the spooky times are just around the corner.

Weekly Links for October 6th

Get spooky!

The season of spooky names is upon us! Change your display name (unless it will then show up on official documents). I was briefly Boo Skelly until officially required to revert to my typically spooky name.

Hopefully if you’re in the northern hemisphere, you’re starting to get that Nice Fall Scent™ in the air, and have a sudden desire to light candles and make hot pots of meats and veg. This is my favorite season. Let’s get hygge.

  • Over the Garden Wall is a fantastic fall show. It’s short-ish, gorgeous, and adorably spooky. My friend Laura recently turned me onto this chill loop.

  • Speaking of pals, Matt learned the joys of a freshly set up phone and recommends you do the same. In brief: new device? Don’t transfer all your stuff. Install what you need, when you need it, and enjoy the lighter cognitive load.

  • Spook everyone around you by being positive and going out of your way to compliment and care about them. The world is rough for a lot of us, and you can be kind instead.

As I sit here and write this, while listening to Phoebe Bridgers (no, not that Phoebe) a cool crow is chirping above my window. I haven’t fully befriended them yet, mostly because I think Snorri wants to eat all the birds, but I have been studying their caws. Crows remember kindness and meanness generationally, so be sure to greet your bird friends. My greeting is always, “Hello cool crow, we have no beef. Have a good day.” I assume they know our beef status, but I like to directly address it and reinforce the lack of said beef. If you ever walk around with me, you might notice I say hi to pretty much every animal I see—a habit I’ve picked up in the last 7 or 8 years. Be nice to animals because they have to put up with our shit.

Anyways, animals are cool, the fall is cool, and I hope your week is similarly chill. Enjoy~

Weekly Links for September 29th

Basic and innocent

Last night as I was leaving a bar with a friend, we saw a night heron hanging out on the sidewalk. We were very worried the bird was hurt, as they just kept wandering on the ground, apparently unconcerned with people. I texted another friend to ask for advice, as she somewhat of an amateur bird expert, and while I waited for her response, my googling landed me on an article she’d written which reassured me. They’re just weird birds, and they like to stand around like people. Phew. Love these birds.

As for me, I’m going to enjoy this coffee, and see how the Russian Grand Prix shook out. Have a great week, and welcome to Fall.

Weekly Links for September 22nd

Dancin’ & Bustin’

It’s almost October, which is wild. This week was the big iPhone/iOS/Apple Watch release, and if you participate in this capitalist holiday, I hope Tim Apple dropped off everything you wanted under your tree. Here’re a few more gifts:

I hope your last full week of September is a delightful one, and you’re preparing to get cozy (at least if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere) as the days get chillier. As for me, I’m off to watch the Singapore Grand Prix on time-delay. またね!

Weekly Links for September 15

Back to the links

I’m back after a week off for XOXO! It’s always hard to jump back into work and regular habits after a vacation, but I think I’m getting the hang of it. *stretches fingers* Let’s do this.

This week is new iPhone week so you are either amped or absolutely sick of all the iPhone folks. Either way, here’s some good, good links:

  • If you’ve ever played Pokémon, you know how each pocketable monster has different stats for various abilities and their HP. But, have you ever wondered how much HP your pet has? Brian Gilbert gives us a surefire way to find out.

  • If your HP is still sufficiently high, you can handle this devastating piece on what if feels like to love someone who only loves the gram. I definitely got a “unrequited lesbian longing” vibe from the whole thing, but what do I know?

  • Friend of the email Joe dug deep into the song-mines to find out what makes Spotify tick. Turns out? Lots of money. Seriously though, this piece is very interesting. If Joe seems familiar, you might remember when he tried to escape all his cares by scootering as far as he could.

  • Before you get this weeks B12 injection, young person blood transfusion, or insert your jade power balls, perhaps read this take on what science actually shows to be effective for wellness. Sadly, there’s no quick fix, and nothing you can buy that makes you happy or healthy… just a slog of friendships, hobbies, nature, and long walks. No thanks! I’ll stick to tinfoil hats and arcane rituals.

If you’ve made it this far, have a great week! If you haven’t, then you have no idea what I’m saying anyway. Why would you lie to the conclusion? You’re obviously reading this…

  • Ok secret bonus link for the real ones: if you’ve played Armored core, or thought “I wish I had a giant mech to pilot,” you’re not alone! Someone else played that game and had that thought and made you a new game. It’s pretty solid, even if it’s slightly repetitive. Think of it as mecha missile-hell meditation.

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